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Nancy has a Bachelor of Education, Associate Degree in Nursing and PhD in the School of Life.
She is a member of the Central Regional Council, Foundation Board, Quality Committee and Speaker's Bureau at the Northwest Kidney Centers in Seattle, Washington.
She currently works for the State of Washington assisting injured workers in their return to work.
And, now, she's the grandmother of Eli !

Letter from Dr. John Stivelman: July 31, 2006

It has been my privilege and great pleasure to know Nancy Spaeth for the last 7 years.   No one I have encountered in my career more exemplifies the strength of the human spirit and its ability to supervene life’s obstacles (particularly those related to health) in attaining one’s life goals.  Nancy so embodies “full rehabilitation” (the goal of the ESRD program articulated at the time of its establishment), that when one thinks of her and all she does, illness simply does not come to mind.  She brings thoughtfulness, intelligence, wisdom and enormous energy to all she does in both renal and general physical rehabilitation (the latter, also in her professional life). She is a highly effective advocate on patient, legislative, and administrative fronts for improvement in care and enhancement of personal autonomy, offering the rare dual perspective of patient and expert caregiver in all her activities. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and passionate promotion of self-realization and goal attainment are important examples for all of us, whether we are patients, family, doctors, nurses, friends, or committed citizens.


John Stivelman M. D.

Chief Medical Officer,

Northwest Kidney Centers


My  Philosophy
As my dad used to say:
"You can do anything in life, as long as you want it badly enough."
And as Momma used to say:
"Nancy, the sun is around the corner."

My mission is to give patients hope and help them feel lucky. I can help you to do this, as well.

Nancy in the snow with grandson, Eli.


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