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What can she offer you?

  • Life Options Presentation based on our Research: "Live Long and Live Well with Kidney Disease, Longevity and Quality of Life."


  • A Good Life with Kidney Disease


  • Nancy's education, years of experience with kidney disease, nursing and public speaking leave her well qualified to present topics for varied audiences.
  • She has good information about and has lived the History of Dialysis.
  • She speaks with all the renal fellows, one on one, who come through the University of Washington and Northwest Kidney Center's programs and has done so since Fall 2000.
  • She speaks with community groups on the function and protection of the kidney.
  • Topics for good healthy living, and participation in an active life are subjects for patients and care givers.
  • She offers Consulting Services
  • Patient Advocacy
  • She can work with you to customize according to your needs.
  • See Home page.

Seminars/Speaking Engagements
Patient Advocacy
Expert Witness
Depends on time and distance for travel

Many of the services Nancy offers require her to see your specific needs in order to quote a price. She will work with you.



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